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All learning sessions offered by Allen Zabriskie Associates share common traits:

  • The content and the experiences, simulations and group work are customized, based on the needs and culture of the client organization.
  • All content is continually revised to reflect new research, new ideas, and changes in the workplace as well as experiences and feedback from previous sessions.
  • Each course is developed within the Learning Value System©.
This model encourages the instructors and participants to be equal partners in the learning process. Though content is the instructor's primary responsibility, the participants are responsible for content as well. Their experiences, insights, and questions support one of AZA's tenets -- the experts are in the audience.

One-Day Experiential Sessions

  • Stress-Free Interviewing

    How many sweaty palms does it take to have an interview? This interactive seminar provides proven, practical insight into the interviewing process, from both sides. After completing this session, participants...

  • Feedback and Disclosure: Building Relationships

    We have worked with thousands of managers and supervisors over the past decade, both in the classroom and in coaching situations. Without exception, one of their critical concerns is not...

  • Negotiation; Getting What We Want

    This popular class is based on a simple premise: successful negotiation achieves mutually supportable outcomes and strengthens relationships as well. Founded on the interest-based model, this program provides powerful insights...

  • Values: The Driver of Vision and Alignment

    How important are values in the workplace? They are critically important. Having surveyed several thousand managers and employees, I have found a strong correlation between lack of alignment and misunderstanding...

  • Outside Many Boxes: Creativity and Innovation

    Why do our keyboards still use the “QWERTY” configuration? It was designed to slow down our typing! In the early days of typewriters, when jamming and breakdowns were common, manufacturers...

  • What Derails Customer Service?

      Customer service problems have nothing to do with “customer service.” They are always the result of three vectors—safety (being able to talk candidly), clarity (shared understanding), and power sharing...


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