Why Share Leadership?

Share(d) Leadership: Two Stories     Wait a minute, Mac. I don't see any course objectives in your materials?!?            When I was on the receiving end of training, I was always put off by objectives. Objectives depend on the teacher, after...
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Language: Creating Enlisted Relationships

Leadership, Language, and Learning: Enlisted Relationships
  One of the most interesting facets of human interaction. i.e. leadership, is language. I'll admit to being a recovering English teacher, and I've always loved to read—probably why I was wearing glasses by junior high. Words grab me. I've never met a terrific leader,... Read more


Looking for explanations makes sense. The urge to find out powers science, religion, research, invention, curiosity . . . and polling. This urge sometimes detours into the great dysfunctional explanation: Blame. Blame provides a convenient escape. Once I make someone blameworthy, I no longer need to take responsibility to solve, or even examine,  problems. Blame gives me a...
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When I was teaching high school English, one of my favorite texts was John Ciardi's How Does a Poem Mean? His love for poetry shines on every page, especially when he mentions "the pleasure of taking pains." We have so many things working against being painstaking—Instagram, texting, elearning, constant upgrades and replacements (phones, cars, TVs, relationships), faster, bigger, newer, easier....
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