Teaching and Thinking

I'm a recovering English teacher, so words are very important to me. I think there's a huge difference between "helping children to think" and "teaching children to think."

We think. Period. Most of the problems in schools rest on the barriers to thinking implicit in our outmoded concept of teaching - that we tall people...

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Encouraging Childlike Behavior in the Workplace

When we teachers, parents, managers, leaders, and others with more apparent power see ourselves as in control of others, we encourage childishness―in others and in ourselves. This is especially true in the workplace, where we struggle with the boundaries of control and often mistake a lack of questions for agreement. That void of questions is often a...
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Out of Order: Ambiguity, Learning and Leadership.

The Railroad Tracks

For some odd reason, we are all accustomed (or maybe acculturated) to accept obedience as a blanket value. That bleeds over into our behavior: Behave Yourself! Fine, when it comes to not playing on the railroad tracks. But that blanket can cover too much, even cover our thinking. If we are told often...
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The First Thirty Seconds

We generate assumptions in just a few seconds as we enter an environment. The first thirty seconds of our participants' arrival may make a bigger difference in their learning than the content we present. You've plugged in the equipment, checked your materials, gotten your coffee, arranged the room, and now some folks are coming in. Here's...
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