Outside Many Boxes: Creativity and Innovation

Outside Many Boxes: Creativity and Innovation

Why do our keyboards still use the “QWERTY” configuration? It was designed to slow down our typing! In the early days of typewriters, when jamming and breakdowns were common, manufacturers reconfigured the keyboard to make us type slower!


If someone asked “Why do we do this?” how many times would the answer be “Because we always have.” Organizations thrive when they shake up their assumptions and re-iterate their procedures. Outside Many Boxes will encourage your employees and managers to be future-focused and to generate ideas that will improve productivity and add value to every facet of your company’s service.


For any organization that wants to challenge, explore new markets, and thrive in the rapidly changing environment in which we work, exploring Creativity and Innovation is a must.


CLICK HERE to get the assessment.  Be sure to complete the assessment and SEND IT TO Mac Bogert for review.

Mr. Bogert will reply with information about your results and a BRIEF piece of feedback/coaching.


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