The Learning Community

“Power in organizations is the capacity generated by relationships.”
Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science

We know from personal experience that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to relationships is a breakdown in the way we talk and listen to each other. Research into how organizations thrive and fail confirms this across the board. The Learning Community focuses on better communication as the bridge that strengthens both our differences and connections at the same time. It’s a program that will transform the relationship of a school’s administration and faculty.

The Learning Community program has been developed by a lifelong teacher to increase understanding, collaboration, and transparency. It’s not a lecture or a presentation, it’s an experience, filled with interaction and shared awareness.

Participants see immediate benefit as they:

  • Gain valuable insight into their own, and others’, communication preferences using two powerful assessments, Ntrinsx© and Communication Style: My Impact on Others©.
  • Master facilitative feedback to improve rapport and understanding
  • Practice neutral listening and see its immediate benefits
  • Clarify how emotional competence and intrinsic motivation can foster energy and focus
  • Understand how discovering and appreciating our differences (learning style, conflict style, thinking frames, social interaction and generation) as a resource, rather than as a threat, makes us better teachers, learners and members of the school community

Not only do these skills increase the sense of interdependence and common understanding among the faculty and staff, the free and open practice of better communication demonstrates important life—and learning—skills for the students. As we become more effective communicators, we pass it on.

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